Deep Water and Crow Moon books

Join Young Adult writers Anna McKerrow and Lu Hersey as they tell Cornish Story all about their exciting debut novels: Crow Moon and Deep Water. Both books are set in Cornwall and weave magic, fun and adventure into the heart of their stories. Read on to discover more about why they chose to set their novels in…Continue Reading “Cornwall in Fiction: Novelists Interview”

Salt and Sky are a Cornish folk band. They perform in many venues, all the while maintaining the rustic heartfelt roots of Cornwall. Read on to discover more. In 2013, Emma Packer and Lizzie Pridmore started their own Cornish folk band called Salt and Sky. Armed with nothing more than two fiddles and a pair…Continue Reading “Meet Cornish Folk Duo: Salt and Sky”

Eileen Budge playing the accordion

This is the first of a series of articles based on oral history interviews from people around Cornwall. Eileen Budge (pictured above), who currently lives in St Stephens, was a member of Cornish amateur band The Accordionettes, who played during the 1950s. Here, she recounts the fond memories during her teenage years with the band….Continue Reading “The Accordionettes”