In 2019 Melissa Watt, a Public History student at Penryn Campus, was on a placement scheme with Cornish Story researching the contemporary and historical significance of the Cornish pasty. Her work was presented in the form of a film entitled ‘Pasties, People and Politics: Deconstructing the Cornish Identity’ . The film now on Youtube was…Continue Reading “Pasties, People and Politics: Deconstructing the Cornish Identity”

This month’s continuation of a short series based on the collection, identification and preservation of family photographs. You can view last month’s article here. The images below are given in reverse chronology from the 1960s back to 1880, simply to visually demonstrate the changing character of popular photography as cameras became more technically advanced, yet relatively…Continue Reading “Unpacking Your Memories: Looking into the Family Photograph Album”

The Tamar Valley is an outstandingly beautiful area which possesses a rich industrial heritage and fascinating social history. Within this film, the story of the Tamar, both past and present, is recounted through oral testimony and archive film footage. Mining, market gardening, and fishing are some of the local industries that have nurtured kinship ties…Continue Reading “Kayleigh’s Story: Identity in the Tamar Valley”