Loe Bar landscape by Joshua Schouten de Jel

A short poem exploring the darker stories, myths and legends surrounding Loe Pool in Helston by Joshua Schouten de Jel. Every seven years somebody dies down there. A Helston grocers’ wife committed suicide; The son of a local farmer, aged twenty seven, Drowned after his horse bolted from a stone gap; After the Second World War two airmen…Continue Reading “Poetry: Every Seven Years”

Here is a poem by Cornish poet and dramatist Alan M. Kent about the Nebra Sky Disc which caused much scientific speculation on its discovery in 1999. The object itself dates as far back to 1600 BC. Read on below to see how Alan Kent identifies and situates the object with Cornwall. Hard to see any…Continue Reading “Poetry: Nebra Sky Disc”

Published in a collection of Cornish myths and legends this short poem tells of the sweet and lowly tale of how the River Tamar came into existence.  Tamara was a one time sprite Before man had invented time The daughter of two troglodites Who found their darkened cave sublime Within the earth they shunned the light And…Continue Reading “Poetry: The Source of the Tamar”

The poetry of Jenna White is inspired by her love of the Cornish coast. In this article for Cornish Story, Jenna reads her poem ‘As Waves Fall’ set to photographs of St Michael’s Mount by Sarah Chapman.