General Strike of GWR workers

This month, we have the first of a three-part article looking at the history of the two Great Western Railway housing estates, ‘Little Moscow’ and ‘Moscow Row’ in Cornwall, and their economic and political standings over the years. Green Close and Chy-An-Mor in Truro and Penzance respectively were two Great Western Railway (GWR) housing estates….Continue Reading “Little Moscow and Moscow Row: Part 1”

This month features a short history of Feock Chapel to coincide with its 150th anniversary. Read on below. Over the past few centuries Cornish history and Methodism have been intrinsically linked. There are few communities in Cornwall that do not have a Methodist Chapel – whether still used as a Chapel or repurposed into a…Continue Reading “Feock Chapel”

In the aftermath of St. Piran’s Day, we bring you a celtic theme this month with input from the FXU Celtic Society at Falmouth and Exeter University. Read more below to find out what they offer to those studying in Cornwall. We have recently set up a Celtic Society for Falmouth and Exeter university students. This…Continue Reading “FXU: Celtic Society”

Stormy Cornwall

English with Creative Writing student Enya Nwaegbe reveals her reflections on the Cornish weather, contemplating the possibility of another severe storm, similar to one three years ago. I came to Cornwall three years ago to attend university and I never gave much thought to the Cornish weather. But now I personally believe that Cornwall has…Continue Reading “Stormy Weather in Cornwall”

This month’s continuation of a short series based on the collection, identification and preservation of family photographs. You can view last month’s article here. The images below are given in reverse chronology from the 1960s back to 1880, simply to visually demonstrate the changing character of popular photography as cameras became more technically advanced, yet relatively…Continue Reading “Unpacking Your Memories: Looking into the Family Photograph Album”

Ship on the sea in Cornwall

Dr Ben Dobson recounts the details of a nineteenth century shipwreck in Cornwall. Read on below to discover more about the story of the Marchioness of Abercorn. At low tide at around 9am on Wednesday, 8 December 1847, the three masted barque, the Marchioness of Abercorn, was driven ashore on Crantock beach after being badly…Continue Reading “The Marchioness of Abercorn”