In the aftermath of St. Piran’s Day, we bring you a celtic theme this month with input from the FXU Celtic Society at Falmouth and Exeter University. Read more below to find out what they offer to those studying in Cornwall. We have recently set up a Celtic Society for Falmouth and Exeter university students. This…Continue Reading “FXU: Celtic Society”

Sun Beats Poets

A poetry event hosted by Sun Beats was a storming success earlier in January this year at Falmouth University. Archie Wilson explains more about the evening and what it was like to be there. Ecopoetry is a term far easier to explain through reading than trying to describe it. It questions our position in nature, what nature is,…Continue Reading “Sun Beats: Eco Poetry”

Porthcurno communications during WW2

Break in Communication is a historical spy thriller set around Porthcurno Telegraph Station. The picture above shows Porthcurno Telegraph Station during WWII. This article for Cornish Story reveals more information about Jon Gliddon’s book Break in Communication and, more importantly, where you can get it! It is December 1941. World War II has become a truly global…Continue Reading “Break in Communication”

Illogan Chapel

Historian Stephen Roberts uncovers one of Cornwall’s most notable families, a band of brothers, the Tangyes, and their life’s industrial work throughout Victorian Britain. When the theatre manager F.W. Davies, speaking at a dinner of the Midland Cornish Association in February 1907, described Richard Tangye as ‘the foremost Cornishman of his day’, no one would have…Continue Reading “The Tangyes of Illogan”

Stormy Cornwall

English with Creative Writing student Enya Nwaegbe reveals her reflections on the Cornish weather, contemplating the possibility of another severe storm, similar to one three years ago. I came to Cornwall three years ago to attend university and I never gave much thought to the Cornish weather. But now I personally believe that Cornwall has…Continue Reading “Stormy Weather in Cornwall”

Deep Water and Crow Moon books

Join Young Adult writers Anna McKerrow and Lu Hersey as they tell Cornish Story all about their exciting debut novels: Crow Moon and Deep Water. Both books are set in Cornwall and weave magic, fun and adventure into the heart of their stories. Read on to discover more about why they chose to set their novels in…Continue Reading “Cornwall in Fiction: Novelists Interview”