Sleeping in a Stranger’s House in Falmouth

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This month, Elizabeth Jane Timms returns with the next offering in her small series of Cornish themed poems. You can find her other poems here.

Like an apparition, appeared a frame, with a man’s face.

The Georgian town house seemed to ask who I was,

Its mirrors did not know my reflection.

The man – appeared as he had been painted in Bath,

When he was taking the cure from gout,

A retired admiral of the fleet,

Bored from playing backgammon

And longing for the moving, breathing lung of the sea.

Did he stare down at the empty table beneath?

Wanting to play cards, or stand instead

Trying to bow to me on the wall,

Before he disappeared back into the darkness.

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Elizabeth Jane Timms
Elizabeth Jane Timms is a royal historian, freelance writer, research professional and poet, based in Oxford. She is a member of the Oxford Writers' Circle and the University of Oxford Poetry Society. She writes for journals, magazines, newsletters and the web. She divides her time between Oxford and London.

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